The Best Swimming Pool Water Features for Dallas/Fort Worth

Swimming Pool Waterfall Feature

Creating a custom swimming pool water feature is a great way to make your home stand out in your neighborhood. At ONE Specialty, we specialize in creating custom, luxury, one-of-a-kind swimming pools, and along with that creating one-of-a-kind swimming pool water features such as fountains and waterfalls. We only hire the best, and all of our Genesis 3 watershape designers will develop exceptional swimming pool designs that suit your family and your home. By using a Genesis 3 certified designer, you’re assured that your next pool feature will be impeccably designed and nothing less than a work of art. Your swimming pool should be an amenity that your family will enjoy for years, and we build our pools to last.

Rock and natural stone swimming pool features including stone waterfalls, ponds, and grottos are ideal for homeowners who desire a natural, free-form swimming pool. Fountains are a great conversational piece for your landscaping project. When creating your swimming pool feature, we take great care in selecting the stones and other material we use to build it. We build custom, rock-formation waterfalls to replicate natural waterfalls and turn your outdoor space into something you might find at the end of a trail in Hawaii. As a custom, small-volume swimming pool builder, our swimming pool team visits native quarries and pays special attention to the individual stones chosen for each natural swimming pool project so that the desired effect is achieved.

For our customers who want a more formal or contemporary swimming pool, our swimming pool design team creates outstanding designs that can include custom pool fountains, disappearing edges, and in-water bar stools depending on your personal preference. For warmth during the colder seasons, or for more intimate settings, we can add in heated swimming pool spas or Jacuzzis to give you a space to relax.  Dual fire-water features or custom planters and decorative plant features are other options that can make your swimming pool project truly stand out. To provide more fun for the family, we can add pool basketball goals, diving boards, and even pool slides.

When you are deciding on the look of your new swimming pool area, contact our designers who specialize in creating luxury swimming pools for satisfied customers. ONE Specialty’s designers will meet with you and go over your needs and desires for your swimming pool water features. We can make your new pool the focal point of your next neighborhood party by adding grand water fountains, using beautiful, natural stones to build your outdoor pool space. We have pool features for family and guests of all ages. When you are ready to take your swimming pool to the next level, give ONE Specialty a call at 817-410-1227. Or, you can tell us what you want in your new swimming pool using the form below.