Retaining Wall Design

Flower Mound LandscapingONE Specialty is skilled in the design and construction of residential and commercial retainer walls. Retainer (retaining) walls provide lateral support to vertical slopes of soil. They are often used to help solve severe grading issues when a property slopes dramatically and they retain soil that would otherwise create a natural slope.

The retained soil can also be referred to as backfill. Retainer walls can be constructed of many different materials including wood, concrete, and CMU blocks or pavers. Those constructed with CMU blocks can be easily façaded with stone to complement your home’s architecture or outdoor living spaces.

No matter the scale of your retainer wall project, ONE Specialty can assist you throughout the entire process. Some retainer walls will require engineering by a licensed Engineer for adequate structural support specifications. Constructing a retainer wall correctly is essential to ensuring the wall’s continued structural integrity. Another key element of retainer wall construction is that steps have been taken to ensure proper drainage of water. All of these factors are essential to ensure that your retainer wall, landscaping, and outdoor living spaces function well together.

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