Pergolas & Arbors

While an outdoor living area may be defined by a patio space or an outdoor fireplace, outdoor shade structures designed to complement your home can increase the functionality of outdoor kitchens or outdoor living spaces. Our team of landscape designers can help you design the perfect arbor, pergola, or shingled in roof structure for your home.

Designed to Fit Your Style

At ONE Specialty, we design stained cedar pergolas and arbors that are custom built to suit any architectural style and to serve as an extension of your home. Pergolas are easily scalable to suit any

Custom Round Cedar Pergola Dallas

outdoor space and their adaptability makes them an attractive option for homeowners wanting more shade in their outdoor space. Our designers keep this in mind so that a pergola is not so tall that it doesn’t provide adequate shade or so short that it feels cramped underneath.

Pergolas and arbors can be customized by using different sized posts, custom rooftop lattices, or they can be constructed out of different materials such as steel, aluminum, cables or a combination of

For some, a shingled-in roof structure that is tied-in to the house is preferable. Though more architecturally complex, this is one way that you can build a covered outdoor space that maintains the architectural integrity of your home.materials. By incorporating a pergola or arbor into a landscape design, you can also improve their outdoor living space with outdoor lighting fixtures for use at night or ceiling fans to help damper the heat during the summer months.

Add Beauty to Your Landscape

Pergolas, arbors and shingled in roofs can be custom designed to appear as a seamless extension of your home, or they can be designed and built to appear as a free-standing and unique outdoor getaway.  Whichever you choose, each structure is custom designed and built to compliment any preexisting features to your home to ensure that any original beauty is extended across the landscape. Our designers take into consideration function, style and aesthetic beauty to ensure the best work available for your home.

As a deconstructed wood structure, pergolas allow for an outdoor space to compliment any preexisting features without taking away from their original beauty. Pergolas comes in different types such as traditional, gabled or promenade. These outdoor spaces help any surrounding landscape flourish by providing shade during the hot Texas summers. The tall wooded posts allow for vines and flowers such as wisteria and honeysuckle, a foundation to grip, creating a beautiful oasis to lounge under. Other features such as custom lighting, a fire pit or lanex, a sheet of special clear plastic that can be placed on top, can help transition the structure from day use to night or transition to be used during all seasons.

Create an outdoor paradise to help you unwind and relieve stress after a busy day, or provide a place to lounge for guests enjoying the pool, all the while adding beauty and value to your existing home.  Contact a ONE Specialty professional to discuss design, type and functionality to create your outdoor oasis today.