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Cedar Pergola & Outdoor Kitchen Patio
For homeowners in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the simple words “patio weather” have the ability to make our hearts leap with joy for cool breezes plus warm sunshine and our mouths simultaneously salivate at the thought of fresh margaritas. Nothing stressful should ever happen on a patio.

Patios aren’t just used for lazy Sundays, though. They can be home to barbecues, family get-togethers, birthday parties, and even outdoor, summer date nights. We can design and build the patio of your dreams. Along with your home you’ll want your outdoor space to last a lifetime, and ONE Specialty builds them to last that long.We’ve designed and built a lot of patios for our customers over the years at ONE Specialty, and because we understand the special place they hold in the hearts of Texans, our outdoor patio designs fit their lifestyles perfectly. We strive make your patio an outdoor extension of the aesthetic you’ve chosen inside your home. When you walk out your backdoor, you’re not leaving your home – you’ve just entered a room that’s a little closer to nature.

Custom Patios

ONE Specialty is proud that we can make your dream patio a reality. We have a creative process that allows us to find your perfect patio design. We specialize in the practice of hardscaping, a feature of landscaping that sets a high-quality design apart from the average flowerbed. Rather than simply using plants, we use materials like flagstone, native stone, brick and concrete in addition to the right vegetation to give you a natural and inviting landscape. You have many options for the surface of your patio area, varying from stone veneer to stained and patterned concrete with many other options in between. All the surface types have their pros and cons, and our designers will go over any additional details or questions you may have.

Features for Your Covered Patio

When we were growing up, patios were a slab of concrete, maybe with an aluminum patio cover, and some lawn chairs – throw in a metal table with an umbrella if you didn’t have a covered patio.

Modern patios can contain a fully-customized outdoor kitchen, an outdoor fire pit, or even a decorative water feature such as a waterfall or fountain. You are no long constrained to the typical boring patio. You don’t have to run inside your home for drinks and food when you have a built-in refrigerator in your patio island, leaving you with more time to entertain your guests. Maybe your guests want to see a live demonstration of you cooking your famous stir fry or paella. You can now bring them outdoors and enjoy the beautiful Texas weather and cook under the stars – on a restaurant-quality gas stove, with a wok. Our designers will create the perfect outdoor entertainment area for you and your family, based specifically on your personalities and lifestyle.

When you’re interested in remodeling your patio, or if you just want to tear it all down and start over, give ONE Specialty a call at 817-410-1227. Or, fill out the form conveniently located at the bottom of this page. We’d love to come out to your home and transform your blank patio into something that you’ll cherish and want to enjoy with your friends and family … and that will make you the talk of the neighborhood.ONE Specialty also offers landscape design, outdoor kitchens and custom stone patios to complete your luxury living dream.