Outdoor Living in Dallas

If you are happy with your home kitchen, it isn’t just any run-of-the-mill kitchen. You may have put years into customizing it so that when people see it they know it is your kitchen, it works for your style, and it just couldn’t be anyone else’s. Well, your patio can be the same way. With ONE Specialty’s help, your outdoor living areas can be transformed into beautiful extensions of your home that will enable you to relax and entertain, while offering guests an experience that will have them talking about it later. You can express your personality with your outdoor living area the same way you did with your kitchen.

Outdoor living areas provide homeowners with a space for their families to enjoy the best of North Texas weather together and with friends. When Dallas gets that great summertime weather, your outdoor living area can be party central, and with ONE Specialty building your outdoor space, it can be a very large party. Clients with a large outdoor space may be interested in splitting up that space into several outdoor living areas to provide both intimate and more social spaces during outdoor parties. Even during the colder months, you can have a quiet dinner outdoors by adding a fireplace to your outdoor living area to make it usable year-round. ONE Specialty’s team of accredited landscape designers can help you create your perfect outdoor living spaces for you and your family to enjoy.

ONE Specialty does not operate in a “one size fits all” fashion. Each project is custom designed – we don’t have premade plans that we implement on each property. We take into an account your home’s architecture and location, along with your vision and desires for your outdoor living space. No vision is too big for us to grasp and make a reality. Many homeowners choose to incorporate a patio extension, an outdoor kitchen, or a pergola into their new outdoor living space to create a fully-functional outdoor room.

Our custom outdoor kitchens aren’t just a grill with a table and chairs. For the barbecue-master of the family, an outdoor kitchen can be his new playground. We’ll build that kitchen so that he’ll have all his equipment within an arm’s reach. Full size outdoor refrigerators, mini fridges, sinks and more are all available to add into your outdoor kitchen. We’ll build your kitchen to fit exactly all of your needs.

Pergolas are the perfect structure to enjoy the beautiful days and provide the perfect amount of shade. We design your pergola to be an extension of your home. You can choose wood, steel or aluminum construction for your pergola, and we even create custom rooftop lattices.

ONE Specialty offers:

We love creating what we’ve talked about here, but don’t let these ideas limit your imagination. For more family-oriented homeowners, you may choose to incorporate features such as an in-ground trampoline, a basketball court, or even a golf putting green to try to get Dad’s handicap down. As a custom design-build firm, we pride ourselves on our ability to create unique outdoor living spaces that are like no other on any scale. So, for your new outdoor living space, share with us your ideas using the form below or give us a call at 817-410-1227. We look forward to hearing from you!

You can view our previous work in our Outdoor Living Gallery.