Open Water

Luxury Swimming Pool & Custom Landscape – Southlake, TX

Swimming Pool Design Southlake, TXWith a swimming pool drawing by an engineer already in hand, our client approached us with a distinct vision for their backyard project in Southlake, Texas. While their swimming pool design was impressive in scale, it simply was not a buildable design structurally. The original swimming pool plan featured three separate swimming areas including a diving pool, a play pool, and an isolated swimming pool spa; our clients wanted to feel surrounded by water.

The Solution

Our experienced swimming pool designer Mike Hammonds, a Genesis Gold Member, was able to incorporate the family’s vision into a working design that included state of the art hydraulics and other luxury amenities. The construction phase allowed for more artistic freedom as stones were individually selected at the quarry for use in the construction of waterfalls and the negative edge waterwall separating the two main swimming pools. Most swimming pool companies do not take so much care in the selection of stones and by closely supervising the stone masons constructing the rock work, we hoped to achieve the effect of more ‘natural’ waterfalls. Another distinctive feature was the custom blended plaster to complete the effect of a hot spring or spring pool. The incorporation of Olympic-grade underwater speakers, in-water bar stools built to suit the height of each family member, and an outdoor bar area with custom cedar pergola are all special touches that make this swimming pool truly unique.

Final Result

Our client’s swimming pool project was completed right at the beginning of the summer season, just in time for the homeowner to host a large swimming pool birthday party. Happy to finally enjoy their backyard space, our clients were thrilled with the final result.




Mike Hammonds, a certified Genesis 3 Gold Member, the most elite group of watershape designers in the world, is dedicated to continuing his education in swimming pool design and the latest swimming pool hydraulic technology. Working closely with our team of accredited landscape designers, Mike effectively develops both functional and artful swimming pool designs.