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Dallas Master Plan Landscape & Hardscape

Before we strike the first shovel or lay the first brick on your property, we first develop a master plan. Our master plans are fully-developed 2D or 3D concepts or layouts that show all of the components of a given property. ONE Specialty provides private estate and residential master plans for clients who wish to have a detailed plan including the location of existing features as well as proposed improvements such as outdoor structures, hardscaping, landscaping, or swimming pools. A master plan is drawn to scale to show exactly how all the elements for your landscape project will look in relationship to your property.

When developing a master plan, our designers begin with an initial site visit to identify existing physical conditions such as property lines, elevation or grade changes, sun exposure, mature trees, swimming pools, or existing outdoor structures. Less than perfect landscape designers often overlook grade changes, which can be detrimental to your property. Grade elevations play a big role in your drainage system, which is vital to the health of your plants and any possible water features.  Following the site visit, our design team works to create a concept tailored to the client’s desired improvements, which can include new outdoor living spaces, a luxury swimming pool, or landscaping features for future construction.

The master plan details all changes that will be made to the property before we start building. It also allows you, as the client, to see your vision before the work starts so that we can modify anything you wish beforehand. We put an enormous amount of detail into the master plans because they give us a representation of what the final product will look like married to your home architecture. Your landscaping project should be an extension of your home, creating unity and balance, not clashing or feeling out of place. Typically, large landscaping projects include major hardscape designs, and by utilizing a master plan, we can ensure that the hardscaping portion of your project is perfect. So, adding in the organic portion, such as specialty trees, your favorite flowers, shrubs, and other plants can be completed without a hitch.


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The most important benefit of having a master plan of your property is that there is a detailed record of proposed improvements for construction in one or multiple phases. Once the project is constructed, clients can refer back to their master plans as a guide for replacing plants or other materials in the future. Flowers won’t live forever, and when it comes time to replace them, you won’t have to create new landscaping plans or worry about planting the wrong flowers or plants in an area.  For most projects, ONE Specialty also provides separate plans for irrigation, landscape lighting, utilities, and drainage.

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