Landscape Design

ONE Specialty’s Expert Design Team Transforms Landscaping into an ArtDallas Landscape Design

With our thorough knowledge of horticulture, North Texas weather, outstanding design skills, and installation expertise, our team of landscape designers is able to provide you with a beautiful landscape plan tailored to your wishes and needs. Every landscape design begins with a thorough investigation of the site, bearing in mind the soil, grading, and changing weather conditions.

Many of our projects use native plants, primarily because of water conservation and environmental benefits, while focusing on the importance of a visually pleasing design and color palette. Drought resistant landscape designs using native trees, grasses and succulents can help solve irrigation issues and keep irrigation and maintenance costs in check. Native plants also tend to be hardier and can better withstand the ever-changing weather conditions of the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Our landscape designs often incorporate other natural elements including stone and pond-less water features. Each landscape design is planned to seamlessly integrate with your home’s exterior and any desired or existing features like luxury swimming pools, outdoor living areas, and custom outdoor kitchens. Our landscape designers pay special attention to boundaries and pathways created by plants, plant texture and form, and color combinations to create beautiful foliage focal points that complement your home. Strategic use of custom landscape lighting can also enhance your outdoor space and landscaping.

Bringing great landscaping to Dallas and Fort Worth is our passion and we would love the opportunity to transform your home’s landscaping. Fill out the form on the right side of this page, or call us to schedule an initial consultation at (817)778-8306.