Irrigation System Service, Repair & Maintenance

A properly functioning irrigation system can benefit homeowners both by reducing the amount of water waste created by faulty systems and by keeping your lawn pristine, no matter the season.

ONE Specialty Xteriors now provides professional landscape irrigation service & repair. Our licensed irrigator uses the most advanced tools available, including remote controls and high-powered inductive wire locators, to assess and determine the most efficient way to service your landscape irrigation system.

Irrigation Services

An assessment of your irrigation system can increase the efficiency of your water output. Common repairs include: broken heads, leaks, stuck valves, faulty controllers, and cut wires.

Maintenance Plans

Scheduled maintenance plans can help you keep your irrigation system working all year round. Monthly and quarterly plans are available.

Advanced Valve & Wire Locating

Advanced wire locating tools enable us to easily locate valves and any existing wire damage, partial and complete. Locates around electrical lines are possible with new AC interference technology.

Drip Zone Retrofit

Converting parts of your irrigation system to drip irrigation can drastically reduce the amount of water usage. Flower beds are ideal for conversion to drip irrigation for precise coverage and no water waste.

Rotating Nozzle Retrofit

Spray or mist nozzles can be converted to new rotating nozzles to help reduce the amount of water waste due to water evaporation and they help increase uniform water coverage.

Evapotranspiration Sensors
Evapotranspiration sensors automatically adjust your irrigation system timer according to real time weather and moisture data.

Irrigation Products

NETAFIM Techline
Hunter MP Rotator
Toro Precision Rotating Nozzles

Hunter Solar Sync
Hunter Mini Weather Station
Hunter ET System

Rain Bird 100DV Valve
Rain Bird 1800 Series Spray Head
Hunter PGP Rotary Head

State Regulations
Irrigation in Texas is regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Always hire a licensed irrigator for service or installation. LI#0019365

*Please note that there is a service call fee for all irrigation system checks by our licensed irrigator.