Heated Swimming Pools & Spas

Custom Round Cedar Pergola DallasONE Specialty Pools offers our clients the opportunity to customize their outdoor project with a heated swimming pool or swimming pool spa. Though not all clients choose to include a swimming pool heater or spa in their swimming pool design, many homeowners like the added lifestyle benefits of having a swimming pool they can use all year round. With a swimming pool heater, our clients can enjoy an extended swimming season and have the option to make their overall backyard experience more enjoyable. The most popular swimming pool heating systems on the market are gas operated although some clients may opt for electric heat pumps which can extend the swimming pool season but cannot operate below certain temperatures.

Swimming Pool Heaters

Swimming pool heaters can operate using natural gas, propane, or electricity. Gas swimming pool heaters use natural gas to heat water after it moves through the swimming pool filter and pump and then returns the heated water to the swimming pool. Gas swimming pool heaters are ideal for heating swimming pools quickly and for maintaining a constant temperature despite the weather or outside temperature. Electric heat pumps are another option available to homeowners. Heat pumps generally work more efficiently than gas swimming pool heaters; however, they only work efficiently when the outside temperature is above 47°F. Once the outside temperature is below this point, the pump has to use more energy to heat the swimming pool than a gas swimming pool heater would. Electric heat pumps also include a feature that can chill the swimming pool during the hot summer months, bringing the water temperature down to a more enjoyable level.

Our custom swimming pool team uses only the highest performance gas heaters available on the market including the Jandy LXI 400 swimming pool heater. This high performance and eco-friendly pool heater is easy to use and operates quietly and quickly while exceeding industry standards with best-in-class energy efficiency. All of ONE Specialty Pools’ swimming pool/ spa combinations also include the added flexibility of heating the swimming pool or spa separately, so that our clients can choose to heat their spa for a night of relaxation or heat their swimming pool for a winter pool party.

Swimming Pool Spas

For some clients, designing and building an entire swimming pool/ spa combination may not suit their specific needs. ONE Specialty has constructed several free-standing gunite spas that are customized with custom jets, plaster, tile, and coping, but function with a typical swimming pool pump system. One of the main benefits of a gunite spa is that they can be designed as show pieces that function both as a ‘mini’ swimming pool and as a functional art piece. Another option available is manufactured therapeutic spas which typically feature a substantially higher number of jets than a gunite spa does. These Jacuzzi spas can be customized with a stone façade to match a client’s home or other stone features in their outdoor space.

A brand new heated swimming pool or swimming pool spa could be the thing that sets backyard apart from everyone else. Contact ONE Specialty today by using the form at the bottom or giving us a call at 817-410-1227. We look forward to designing swimming pool project!