Floating Staircase

Contemporary Hardscape & Landscape – Dallas, TX

After completing a gut renovation of their 1965 Mid-Century Modern home in the Lakewood area of Dallas, our client had a distinct vision for their home’s outdoor space. The architecture of the home, itself a contemporary masterpiece, did not translate to the landscape and hardscape that framed the building.

This home is featured on Houzz: A ‘Home of the Future’ Finds Present Perfection

The Solution

The existing aggregate concrete lead walk was replaced by gray concrete step pads arranged in a staggered pattern to speak to the asymmetry of the architecture, including the home’s off-center front door. By constructing the concrete steps out of smooth and natural gray concrete, the walkway produced a more contemporary effect. Inspired by design magazines, the homeowner also wanted us to design and construct floating concrete stairs to replace the existing wood entry stairwell. Coming up with a way to retrofit concrete floating stairs introduced a whole new set of challenges from a construction standpoint. After considering several options for supporting and connecting the stairs to the home, the solution was to dig a trench in the middle of where the new stairs would be and to pour a tiered concrete footer. The footer completely supports the weight of the stairs and functions as the stair risers. This way the wide concrete steps ascend to the front porch as if they are floating.

To complete the outdoor renovation, new horizontal fencing was installed to create a contemporary and Asian inspired interior courtyard at the front of the home. Free-form landscape edging constructed out of concrete created new landscape beds, bringing softness and texture to the private courtyard. Unique finishes including custom hardware for the new front gate and an architectural concrete wall to house a rusted steel address plate complete the design.



Final Result

After the installation of the new hardscaping and landscaping, this home was featured in the 2012 White Rock Home Tour of Modern Homes, one of five homes showcased in the Lakewood area of Dallas. The homeowners continue to love the contemporary hardscape additions in their front and back yards. If looking to add hardscape elements to your home such as this family did, give us a call at 817-410-1227 or fill out the form on the page. Tell us about what type of hardscape additions you’re looking to add to your home and we’ll create a masterpiece addition for your home.