Texas Fire Pits & Fireplaces

Outdoor Living Area Flower Mound, TX

To some homeowners, investing in an outdoor living space isn’t worth it unless the outdoor space can be used all year round. Custom outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are an ideal solution for year round outdoor living. ONE Specialty can help you design an outdoor living space with a custom outdoor fire feature that suits both your home’s architecture and your personal preferences.

Fire Pits and Fire Places Add Functionality to Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor fire pits appeal to many homeowners because they create an intimate outdoor space that can be used throughout the year. They also provide for extra functionality to your outdoor space. Often added functionality also means added property value. A fire pit:

  • Is fun year round, from roasting kebabs, to roasting marshmallows and drinking coffee.
  • Provides a central gathering point of warmth and light
  • Can go great with a pool or standalone on your patio

What We Offer

Our design team can design both traditional wood burning and gas burning fire pits, depending on the homeowner’s preference. Some of the benefits of a gas burning fire pit are that they are easy to maintain and are environmentally friendly. Homeowners can customize their fire pits by selecting from an array of shapes, stone facades, and fire glass or lava rock options. Stone seat benches can be designed and constructed around a fire pit to complement the fire pit in texture and color, creating an intimate outdoor living space.

Though more expensive than fire pits, outdoor fireplaces are another fire feature that our design team can incorporate into almost any landscape design.  Fireplaces are a great backyard addition for homeowners who like to entertain. Because they are larger than fire pits, outdoor fireplaces can accommodate larger groups of family and friends, making your home the place for parties and celebrations. Outdoor fireplaces create a cozy outdoor space that can serve as a bold focal point in any landscape. Fireplace designs can be formal, modern or traditional depending on your taste and can vary in height depending on the proximity to your home and other structures. With custom outdoor furniture, any outdoor fireplace can serve as a private nook for you and your family.

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